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Suffering from Low Vision?

Suffering from low vision can be frustrating, frightening, and even dangerous at times. Fortunately, Dr. Patteson may be able to help you see better despite your poor vision.

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What is low vision?

Low vision is vision loss that’s so severe it cannot be corrected by ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses, medications, or surgery.

What causes low vision?

Many conditions can cause low vision, including:

  • macular degeneration
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • glaucoma
  • inherited retinal degenerative diseases
  • optic nerve atrophy

What are the symptoms?

You might have low vision if you:

  • have trouble recognizing the faces of family and friends
  • are unable to read or see well enough to engage in your regular activities
  • feel like lights are dimmer than usually
  • have difficulty reading street signs
  • are unable to distinguish between colors

How is low vision diagnosed and treated?

To determine if you have low vision, Dr. Patteson will perform a comprehensive eye exam.

Depending on the cause and severity of your vision loss, we may recommend the use of magnifying spectacles, hand or stand magnifiers, telescopes, audio books, computers that talk, talking watches and other talking devices, large print books, and more.